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This week, we are drawn back to the genius that is Billy Lloyd. His latest release entitled ‘Enigma’ takes a look at the obsessive nature of society and the idolisation that has become commonplace. Despite our artists’ apparent mockery and questioning thereof when pushed for an answer Billy has pointed out Tilda Swinton and Ezra Miller from We Need to Talk about Kevin as his celeb crushes.

Why did you choose the green lighting? is there any symbolism therein?

We (the director, Misha MN and I) thought it looked quite interesting and a bit sinister. We also had never used a green light in anything, so figured we ought to!

Why did you imagine the back of this person’s skull?

So this part of the song (the ‘rap’) is where the character who’s point of view I’m singing from stalks and kills the person they’ve been obsessed with. During the time I’ve been obsessed with them, I’ve probably imagined every part of their body in great detail. So it’s narrating what I’m doing, and I’m standing behind them. But, just to clarify, it’s not actually me, it’s a character.

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Why do you think it is commonplace for people to become so obsessive about celebrities?

I think it’s part of the culture we exist in now, I mean it’s in the name, we ‘celebrate’ these people and put them on a pedestal of perfection. It’s expected and needed of us as consumers because without it, most of these people wouldn’t have careers.

I also think the internet has helped people feed their obsessions. We can find out so much information about people online and where previously you might not know anyone who is into the same band as you, now you can find millions of them online and feed each other’s obsessions.

How is this person your best friend? you even say that they are a stranger? do you think we undervalue friendships?

It’s looking at the nature of celebrity and fame and noticing how you can feel like these people (especially musicians and internet famous people like vloggers) are talking directly to you and you feel like you know so much about them, but actually they are strangers, they probably don’t know who you are.

I think now with the internet, friendships are probably stronger than ever. I certainly can credit most of my strongest friendships to the internet, either friends I’ve made online or friends I’ve kept my strong bond with through the internet.

Do you think we tell too much on our social media? you make reference to these being the deepest secrets? are we too open?

I think perhaps some people over share on social media. I certainly did when I was younger and have since learned the art of selectivity. I think we’ll see a change in what we think counts as a secret.

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And now you can watch this amazing video here:

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