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Her voice is often found being carried on the wind around the streets of Birmingham. With a wistful voice full of melancholy and sadness, Hannah Brown is making a name for herself on the Birmingham music scene. With an upcoming tour and vinyl mini album, the future is looking bright for this talented young artist.

When did you start songwriting and singing?

I’ve always loved music, and songwriting is something I had always enjoyed. When I was eleven I wanted to take drum lessons, but my mother had a guitar she never played and I picked it up, and just it just felt so natural to me; needless to say the drum lessons never happened. At sixteen, I took a year where I stopped music altogether. When I hit seventeen, however, I realised that I wanted to dedicate all my time to music.

Were there any particular influences that have inspired your music?

KT Tunstall has to be not only an influence for me but also a role model. At the time of her hitting the music scene, she was one of the only really well known female singer songwriters. As someone who has created great music and kept working and working to get where she is, she is a very strong role model for me. However, I also enjoy Laura Marling. I have found her stage presence and performance to be very unassuming, which allows her music to do the talking!

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Do you think that your style of music has evolved over the years?

My songs have always come from a personal place; as it happens, all of my music so far has been complete self expression. Some songs I feel differently about as time has passed, and in that sense, the performance does too. So yes, I suppose it has evolved. Of course in the more physical sense, I am looking to explore with more instruments rather than a purely acoustic set.

You have a new mini album coming out the Highbury Sessions tell me a bit about that.

Highbury Studios is an analog studio, very old school in a sense. However, I wanted to record here on vinyl as the rawness and organic nature of my vocals and guitar are captured far better than it would be in a digital format. The mini album will be released in March, although no set date yet, so you have to make sure you stay updated on my website! You can download my song ‘Your Picture’ for free off the website, so be sure to do that!

Any upcoming gigs or tours soon?

My next gig will be at The Sun On The Station in Moseley, and that will be the 22nd of February. As I said before, keep track of my social media for the times and so forth. In terms of tours, I’m planning a UK tour hitting all the major cities such as London, Liverpool, Manchester and so on. What we want to do is perform at record stores all around the UK, because they reflect the nature of my mini album and create small intimate spaces for people to listen.

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What has been your favourite venue to play at?

It will have to be the Ort Cafe. I have performed there many times, and it truly is a great venue to hear good music! The people who come really appreciate what you’re doing. It’s so comfortable for me there too, almost like being in someone’s living room which I like.

What does the future hold for Hannah Brown?

I would love to be in a position where I can dedicate all my time to music alone, and that’s what gets me by. I can’t say I think too much about the future. I guess I accept change and how things constantly evolve. The music business is very much the same, so you have to learn to take each day as it comes. I can’t see myself leaving Birmingham. The music scene is really taking off and it is a great city to be in. Being a part of this emerging and exciting step forward for Birmingham means I could never really see myself anywhere else.

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