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And so it was that the iconic Scottish DJ returned to the soundwaves with yet another bass-led club anthem, choosing this time to team up with Swedish partner Alesso to produce the track ‘Under Control’. Released separately from Harris’ Chart Topping album 18 Months, ‘Under Control’ has been penned for Alesso’s upcoming debut studio album – although a release date has yet to be set.

You can really feel the influence of both DJ’s on the track. Alesso’s reliance on beep-like sounds and Harris’ driving basslines and depth of sound, which work together here, creates a sound on the money when it comes to the purpose of the song – to get you dancing. Alesso seems to have stuck to a formula that has worked for him in the past and has worked for him again here. Having previously re-worked tracks for the likes of One Republic, LMFAO and David Guetta, the kid’s certainly got talent. It must be something in the Swedish water…

Meanwhile, frontman of the UK duo Hurts, Theo Hutchcraft, provides the driving vocals which are simplistic in their creation which is just what you want for an anthem like this. It’s precisely the kind of track you can picture jumping around to, saturated in sweat in a club on a Saturday night and listening to it again driving around in your car on a lazy sunny Sunday.

The lyrics, which repeat throughout the song, are about not wanting to let go of the one you love on a night out and how being together can make the night better. Not much to go on there, you might think, but the drop of the song is its defining moment. It grows with a heavy electro pulse which is reminiscent of Harris’ ‘Sweet Nothing’ with Florence Welch from last year.

The accompanying music video is the epitome of what the song is about. That no matter what the situation, if we stick together, we’ll keep things under control. I guess that rings true in a sense. It’s quite a nice thought to think that if a meteor struck earth and wiped out the human race, we’d all be on a massive night out, dancing around to Calvin Harris. After all, we’d be together right? Things would be under control.

Nevertheless, there is something undeniably catchy about ‘Under Control’ and it’s kept true to the formula for a perfect party anthem; a track that grows from a light sway of a verse, to a fist pounding chorus three times in as many minutes. The video has been on YouTube for just over a month and has already garnered over 8 million views, although it has yet to chart in the UK. Expect this one to be a keeper though, perhaps not staying around as long ‘I Need Your Love’ or Guetta’s ‘Titanium’ which refused to leave, but it’s a good club anthem. And probably the perfect partner for the gym too.

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