Curtis Elton: The youngest record label boss ever?

Matthew Hoy
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Curtis Elton is not your average 10-year-old boy. He is the youngest person to have ever achieved an ATCL which is the equivalent to a first year university degree in music. He rose to fame when he appeared on the reality program Britain’s Got Talent and is now looking to launch a record label called Mini Mozart Productions.

He plans to fund this music label through Musicraiser, a crowd-funding initiative. With the label, Curtis Elton promises a platform where young talent can submit their music for honest feedback or a possible invitation to join the label. Curtis would manage the label’s artistic direction whilst Hayley Ellis, his mother, would manage the business operations and marketing. Now whilst Elton is a musical virtuoso and can tinkle the ivories with ease, can he run a business even with his mother’s help?

We all know Simon Cowell as one of the most famous music label bosses with his Syco brand, but we forget that he wasn’t always a success. He has had a tough life and has faced many trials, and whilst he may have been born with the gift to spot talent, his business know-how was gained. So whilst this appears to be a fairytale-esque story, I’m afraid it might just be that, a fairy tale. Especially in an industry plagued with piracy, prima donnas, and volatile fans.

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Will this young man, however, bring with his gifted fingers a new business model to the industry that it so badly needs? Will he be able to tackle the issues of piracy which is greatly exacerbated by the youth, perhaps even his own school friends? Either way, this is an interesting development in the industry and I am sure we will all watch this closely.

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