Steal Your Dad’s Christmas Present – Top Five Music Ideas

James Dix

Your dad probably needs new socks for Christmas. Just think, how would you like to get socks every year? Why not get him a CD you can borrow and put on your iPod/Mp3? You could even crack out the Walkman and start a retro craze.

Gary Barlow – Since I Saw You Last

If you find your dad nodding in agreement to every comment Gary makes on the X Factor this is probably the right choice. The man is patriotic, dresses well for his age and is embracing his age.

The album features a duet with Elton John, so you can bond with your dad over that, just try not to mention how you went to a fancy dress party as him last week.

The lead single Let Me Go has a typical British folk/pop sound to it and the video is one of those cheesy uplifting street parties, despite that it is actually quite good.


Robbie Williams – Swings Both Ways

Robbie sails through the streets in his latest video for Go Gentle, flying the British flag through Los Angeles. This song is a toned down Williams sound, unlike the upbeat Candy.

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The album is full of duets with some pretty good artists: Lily Allen, Michael Bublé, Kelly Clarkson, Rufus Wainwright and Olly Murs. For the Disney fans, Murs and Williams sing a swing cover of I Wan’na Be Like You from The Jungle Book.

There are a surprising amount of covers on the album. I suppose when you have been in the business as long as Robbie you run out of song ideas, or just want to sing your old favourites.


Keane – The Best of Keane

Everybody enjoys a classic Keane song, Somewhere Only We Know, Is It Any Wonder?, Everybody’s Changing and oh wait, that is about it from the top of my head. Despite this, the band has such a great sound that it is totally forgiven.

The album also comes in a deluxe edition with tracks that were B-sides to singles. This is such a novel idea that opens a lot of people up to new old music.

Keane have added two new songs to the album. Their new single is called Higher Than the Sun and marks ten years of their career.


The Killers – Direct Hits

What is Christmas without another greatest hits album? The Killers, like Keane are also picking their favourite singles and putting them on an album, just in time for Christmas. The album misses off single Bones, which is a little upsetting, but there are tracks from four albums packed onto this fifteen track CD.

With two new tracks, both of which singles, the album is worth it for these. Just Another Girl as a music video is fantastic. It features the beautiful Glee and The Family star – Dianna Agron with a moustache and lots of clips from their old videos and re-enacted scenes.

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This is one to buy and steal for certain.

The Music Voucher

Why not let your dad pick his music for himself? He might end up surprising you by having good taste. Imagine giving your dad the music voucher on Christmas, he goes out on Boxing Day and picks up Midnight Memories by One Direction, that you were too ashamed to ask for. Okay so maybe that is just me, but it might not be too impossible?

Okay so he might end up getting a Cliff Richard or Rod Stewart album, but at least he will be happy, and that is what Christmas is really all about.

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