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Stop what you’re doing, seriously, because you NEED to listen to the new track from DELTΔ HEΔVY (that’s Delta Heavy, for those of you that can’t read triangles).

‘Ghost’ premiered over the weekend by Zane Lowe on Beats 1 at Apple Music, and I’ve had it on repeat ever since. This will soundtrack my nights of downing tequila for quite some time to come.

If you like dance, dubstep, drum and bass or house music you’ll love ‘Ghost’. You may not have heard of DELTΔ HEΔVY yet, but it’s a name you’ll be hearing more and more from now on. I’ve loved them since they supported Example last year.

Combine sparse, ethereal lyrics, and hard, in-your-face beats, ‘Ghost’ is truly breathtaking. Whilst their previous singles have been good (‘Empire’ definitely deserves a listen) they pale in comparison.

The beats of ‘Ghost’ match the emotion of the lyrics, completely mindfucking the listener into oblivion. ‘I see your ghost at night / Every time I close my eyes,’ the uncredited vocalist screeches amidst tumultuous beats that have been polished to perfection. The production is pristine.

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As with a lot of dubstep music, the lyrics are limited and repetitive, but that doesn’t detract from the song at all; rather it elevates it to a whole other level. This way they get beneath the surface immediately, and before long you’ll be singing along whilst simultaneously getting off your nut.

True to the title, ‘Ghost’ will haunt you – but for all the right reasons. This is a song you won’t be able to get out of your head. You’ll hear it at night. Every time you close your eyes.

‘Ghost’ features on the upcoming Ghost / Tremors EP, out 17 July.

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