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When we caught up with Delta Heavy back in August, Ben Hall and Simon James told us that ‘White Flag’ would serve as their next single, and that it would drop in October. Cut to November and the boys dropped ‘Punish My Love’, which will be officially released on 4 December. Why this change happened we do not know. But ‘Punish My Love’ is a worthy follow-up to the sublime ‘Ghost’.

Sparse lyrics, a slow building opening, choppy synths and a deep drop create an infectious track exploring unreciprocated love. ‘I don’t wanna be without your love / Could offer me the world but it ain’t enough / Can’t spend another day without your touch / Don’t punish me tomorrow if the world gets rough / Don’t punish my love,’ the uncredited vocalist spews before the drop kicks in. EDM music in general is defined by their drops, and Delta Heavy know how to rev up the anticipation. It’s not quite as good as ‘Ghost’, but it comes in close.


‘Ghost’ still sounds fresh; unfortunately ‘Punish My Love’ sounds like a lot of other tracks in the charts. That’s not to say it’s a bad song – because trust us, it isn’t – but the dubstep elements have been refined in what is clearly an attempt at amassing a wider audience. This is probably the smartest move Delta Heavy could do – their debut album drops in January, so they need to draw in the more casual of listeners.

But whatever the case, ‘Punish My Love’ has gotten us very excited indeed for their debut album. Hopefully no further setbacks will impact its release, because based on the tracks Delta Heavy have released so far, it’s already a contender for the album of 2016. It’s going to be a very good year for Ben and Simon.

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