Disney’s 5 direst musical moments

James Dix

The success of the Frozen Soundtrack in the Official UK Singles Chart last week was incredible. ‘Let it Go’ reached #11, ‘Do You Want to Build a Snowman’ hit #30 and ‘For the First Time in Forever’ was at 38. All of these singles have been around the charts for 18 weeks and are still selling.

But it is time to pause and revisit the times when Disney, did not succeed with musical genius. Let’s take a moment to remember:

When You Wish For Autotune

Pinocchio’s classic song ‘Wish Upon a Star’ was a beautiful melodious song. That was until the 70th Anniversary and Disney decided to hire the Camp Rock starlet Meaghan Jette Martin. If you remember her performances of ‘2 Stars’ and ‘Too Cool’, you could have guessed this would be atrocious. At least she was good in Mean Girls 2. (Can I say that?)

Someday My Ears Won’t Bleed

The beautiful old-fashioned voice of Snow White is unmistakable. The voice of Ashley Tisdale is also unmistakable, perfect for Sharpay Evans, not so perfect for ‘Someday My Prince Will Come’. Did you want Sharpay and Troy to sing a duet in the first High School Musical? This is as close as you’ll get. Drew Seeley (the original voice of Troy, before they let Zac Efron sing) does the cringeworthy Prince voice. I think we are lucky this never achieved a music video.

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Wait Till You Hear This

What I loved about Pocahontas was how she seemed like a cool feminist icon. Unfortunately they butchered that image in Pocahontas 2. ‘Wait Till he Sees You’ shows that Pocahontas seems to just agree that a woman just has to dress up to get accepted, whilst listening to an old bat screeching a terrible British accent.

Cheetah-ed of 3:30 Minutes

The Cheetah Girls managed to make 3 films. It surprised us all. Did you ever expect a ‘Cheetah-Licious Christmas’ as well? Maybe this should be forgiven because it’s in the holiday spirit? Whoever got happy with the bad graphics cannot be forgiven.

If This Doesn’t Scare You…

Hayden Panettiere is rocking the screens as Juliette Barnes on Nashville but long before then she tried to push out her own music career. A fair few years ago she recorded Cruella De Vil for Disney Mania. This proves that some songs should not be modernised. She sounds like she tried really hard.

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