Don’t Break the Law

James Dix

Music artists commit crimes so you don’t have to. Music acts are presenting the dangers of committing crimes in their videos. The main offenders, Cher Lloyd and The 1975.

The 1975 – Robbers

It’s pretty clear that Vada loves The 1975. The distinctive voice of lead vocalist Matthew Healy shines again in new single ‘Robbers’. The video looks like a trailer for last year’s James Franco and Selena Gomez movie Spring Breakers. If indie rockers are your thing, there’s plenty of shirtless action.

The track lacks the addiction of chocolate, but proves just how good the album is. ‘Robbers’ is single number six from the self-titled album The 1975. The heart wrenching song presents a conflict between staying by your partner and their law-breaking.

Cher Lloyd – Sirens

The follow-up to the ‘Swagger Jagger’ star’s first album is long overdue, with a soon to be released new album called Sorry I’m Late, Cher Lloyd seems to be trying to make up for it. With a lot of new promotional tracks being released on her YouTube channel leading up to the album release, it was about time for a second single.

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‘Sirens’ is that single. The new video sees Cher Lloyd ditch the American Barbie doll look she tried out with single ‘Oath’. This is the alternative and slightly cool Cher Lloyd that once won the support of X-Factor viewers. It’s a welcome back to her credibility and potential to be great.

The message behind the video is don’t date wannabe gangsters. The police will catch up eventually.

There were other criminal releases recently including Ricky Martin’s latest single ‘Vida’, which was like a bad Shakira ‘Waka Waka’ and Peter Andre’s big comeback ‘Big Night’.

‘Vida’ was criminal in itself, and Andre did no better, emitting complete staleness, proving that he only has one target audience, middle-aged women who think he’s attractive.

The verdict, it is a crime to steal three minutes of our time. Martin, Andre you are guilty.

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