Double Review: Psychemagik & Clean Bandit vs. Jess Glynne

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I bring you two reviews of new tracks by some of my favourite new artists. Admittedly the only connection these two artists possess is their penchant for rather infectious infusions of house, but both Psychemagik and Clean Bandit have debuted new tracks recently.

Psychemagik – Chimera

Featuring on a new compilation album titled Architects & Waves alongside other newcomers, Psychemagik’s latest track is an altogether different sound from that which has come before. Their stellar ‘Black Noir Schwarz’, which combined trippy synths with dark, psychedelic house vibes, meant that they were one to watch from the get go.

Their new track, ‘Chimera’ is quite the flip-side. It’s beat is hard, but a mellow undertone plays throughout. ‘Chimera’ is rather simplistic, but it holds a lot of potential. It probably could have done with a featured vocalist, even one akin to Renegades turn on ‘Black Noir Schwarz’. The vocals are sparse and repetitive, but like most house tracks, they helped to break up the otherwise jarring sounds.

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Psychemagik have played a lot of gigs recently, and also have a new track featured on the new Smirnoff advert. ‘Mink & Shoes’ plays like ‘Black Noir Schwartz’, showcasing a darker dance track. Hopefully a full version will be released soon.

Clean Bandit & Jess Glynne – Real Love

Clean Bandit has teamed up with Jess Glynne once more to create ‘Real Love’, a new collaborative song. Here nobody features; ‘Real Love’ is equally both their work, although it’ll probably appear on Jess Glynne’s upcoming album.

In a smart move they haven’t attempted to recreate their infectious ‘Rather Be’; ‘Real Love’ effortlessly blends dance, house and classical over Jess Glynne’s beautifully tender vocals. Where ‘Rather Be’ veered slightly towards annoying after being repeatedly played nonstop for months, ‘Real Love’ shows no such problem. In terms of house, it’s simplistic. It’s the dance elements which take the forefront here, but it is a sound suited to both artists. It is quite hard to comprehend just how Clean Bandit manage to create dance sounds with classical instruments, but their sound just works.

Clean Bandit is currently gearing up to tour their debut album ‘New Eyes’, and Vada will have a live review of their Newcastle show. If you’re there – let us know.

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