Exploding Soul: SlowMotion EP – Review

Matthew Hoy
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Jack Lund (better known as Exploding Soul), is the mastermind behind this four-piece EP and is a far cry from fellow Swedes ABBA. Lund had managed to translate Dub step, originally a South London born concept, into a colder, more darker theme in keeping with his country’s more metal-friendly scene.

It is as if he has taken a piece of solid ice from one of the Fjords and carved out a magnificent sculpture. His music takes on a slower tempo than that traditionally associated with the genre. We begin with Slowmotion the namesake of the EP which includes a momentarily hauntingly cold whisper from within the ice. It is as if one can feel the cold creeping in, retarding all movement as one becomes enshrined within the ice-tomb.

Toughen Up starts off with what can only be described as the clanging of chains, perhaps this hints to enslavement and the innate desire to escape. The beat that follows is intoxicatingly taunting like that of a cobra swaying in delight as its victim struggles.

Homocide begins with the chime of organ-esque symphonic beats like those we would hear at a funeral. The beat that follows is laborious and in-time with the slow trod of the pall-bearers as they enter the church with the coffin.

We are then treated with some raunchier beats as Provocation which, per its name, entices the listener. The tempo increases and so does the sweat as one dances along. Beneath the surface of the main tune we are introduced to the quiet rumbling reverberations of the ice as they slowly tear themselves apart in beautiful angst.

All In all this EP is a clever piece of storytelling and is reminiscent of television series such as the Vikings and Game of Thrones with their dark mortality.

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