Five Songs You Need To Hear Now

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After trawling through a whole ‘lotta crapola, I’ve found five awesome songs you definitely need to give a listen to this week!

The Black Keys – ‘Fever’

The Black Keys are back with a new album Turn Blue, set for release in May. This is a slightly different sound to their previous offerings, more ‘pop’, upbeat, catchy, not as ‘bluesy’. Still, a brilliant look into what the new album may have to offer.

The Kooks – ‘Down’

I love the sound of this track. So different to the usual ‘Kooks’ style we’re all used to hearing from them. Very fresh and I’m hopeful it will increase interest in this slightly forgotten noughties wonder. There are definitely elements of soul & R&B influences in this new reinvention of their sound so let’s hope the album which is set to follow this summer continues with the funk vibe.

Twin Atlantic – ‘Heart And Soul’

That Scottish twang in Sam McTrusty’s vocal always make me sit up and really listen to any Twin Atlantic song. Three years since their latest album Free was released, this is Zane Lowe’s ‘Hottest record in the world’ and an introduction into the new music we’ll be hearing from these guys.

The Districts – ‘Funeral Beds’

After rising to fame at the Austin SXSW festival in the US, this young folksy band are sure to be the name on everyone’s lips in the coming months. The music has a blues edge and harmonicas compliment the unique vocals brilliantly. Another song to treat yourself to a listen by these guys would be ‘Sing Me Sweetly’.  I can definitely see them as America’s answer to Kodaline.

Sam Smith – ‘Stay With Me’

This man’s voice is just astounding. So soulful & amenable to any style of music he involves himself in. This is the more sombre of his recent releases, very gospel. He seems a very sentimental old soul and that definitely comes through in his music.

And one you don’t:

The Chainsmokers – ‘#Selfie’

This song is terrible yet completely ironic genius at the same time…

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