Foster the People – ‘Coming Of Age’

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Following the incredible success of their debut album Torches, which sold almost 2 million copies upon its release in 2011, Foster the People are gearing up to release its follow-up Supermodel on March 24th which will be preceded by the new single ‘Coming Of Age’. Foster the People have also announced details of a one-off show in London which also occurs on March 24th – expect plenty of new tracks to be played. Tickets are available from the bands official website now at

‘Torches’ was a gorgeous album full of euphoric chorus’ (‘Pumped Up Kicks), jaunty music (‘Call It What You Want’) and smooth, infectious vocals (‘Houdini’) and their new single takes what has come before and nurtures it into a more mature sound. ‘Coming Of Age’ is distinctly Foster the People with easily recognisable vocals by frontman Mark Foster and guitar riffs. But their sound is more mature; the vocals are moody, the beat is subdued and the verses rev into one of their trademark contagious chorus’. If it doesn’t catch you upon your first listen, it won’t take many more for it to do so. Foster the People have certainly come of age (sorry…)

Of their new album, Foster has said that “We didn’t have any rules. We just created as much as we could in seven days” and that they discovered what the album was going to be “in the spirit of wanderlust and discovery”. The album was produced in Morocco, Malibu, Los Angeles and London.

‘Coming Of Age’ is already released in the US and will be released in the UK on March 16th, followed by the new album ‘Supermodel’ and the London show on 24th March.

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