G.R.L pays tribute to Simone Battle with ‘Lighthouse’

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Today, I had four minutes of enlightenment in the form of G.R.L’s new single ‘Lighthouse’ – not only because of the touching lyrics, but because the message is about hope and support. After losing their fifth member Simone Battle last year through suicide, the song is given even more poignancy than if she were still with us.

A lot of speculation surrounded G.R.L and whether they should disband the group after Simone’s tragic passing, but in my humble opinion, I’m glad they stuck together. After all their hard work and dedication, their passion for their music shouldn’t be put into question, and they shouldn’t be made to feel they should give up. I’m sure that Simone herself would be pleased the band decided to keep creating music together, as it’s evident they were a pretty tight-knit group. I know it may seem a bit jaded, but you can’t fake chemistry like that.


Simone herself was a force to be reckoned with, from her ultra-powerful vocals to her high-octane dance routines. She was the ultimate pop star. But it goes to show that not all battles are public and not all battles are won. It’s deeply saddening to see the band without her presence, but the video is a touching tribute to a much loved member, showing various reel footage of Simone at work and in her personal life.

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Tipped as being the next Pussycat Dolls, the band has proven that girl power is still very much evident in the charts, and it needs more of these strong, vibrant and beautiful women to keep pushing for female chart dominance. The song has a strong, thumping beat with melodic lyrics and haunting vocals. As with most successful ballads, it builds up momentum from the start and ends with a powerful combined finale.


The main message to be taken from the song is you’re not alone, and there’s always someone out there to guide you back from the brink in your toughest moments. Simone may have lost her battle with depression, but there is help out there for anyone else suffering with the same problems. Simone’s mother, Donna Morgan, is raising funds via GoFundMe to establish the Simone Battle Foundation to offer support to young women working in the entertainment industry. An amazing tribute to the legacy of a shining star, which was sadly taken far too young.

No word has been released yet about when an album will be released, but if it has any of the catchiness and stunning vocals of ‘Lighthouse’, then I see it being a rip-roaring success. All power to the remaining girls and thoughts as always to Simone and her family.

For further support on dealing with depression please visit GRLgivesanhour.org.

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