Give It a Listen: Elle Exxe and Adreyn Cash

Reggie Myers

Well, everyone. I’m back once again for the final Give It a Listen. I know, I know, but all good things must come to an end. And I picked two songs from two talented artists, so read my thoughts on their songs below and hit the play button to give them a listen.

Elle Exxe — Lie to Me

A fresh face in the industry being likened to Madonna, Lady Gaga and Charli XCX is always a good sign that they are at least worth a listen. And Elle Exxe’s first single ‘Lie to Me’ definitely is. Bold and infectious, ‘Lie to Me’ has all the makings of a pop hit with a rock edge.

The song itself is about a relationship that has fallen apart because of lies. Over a mixture of electronic elements, electric guitar riffs and hand claps, she loudly proclaims her ex to be persona non-grata with lyrics like,

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‘I should be flattered/By your absent chatter/Baby, words don’t matter/No, you don’t matter to me’

This aggressive alternative pop single will be a big hit when it drops in March. If you are a fan of Icona Pop or P!nk, then you will find it almost impossible not to add this song to your collection.

Adreyn Cash — Anthem

Next up is ‘Anthem’ by Adreyn Cash, an alternative R&B singer who grew up singing in church with MNEK. While many may believe this slow song is dedicated to a girl, it’s actually a song he wrote to remind him of his unconditional love for the music industry despite his initial struggles to find his way in it.

Cash’s vocal training and church background are evident throughout the song. He exhibits a great range, and the song will remind listeners of what they might hear from an artist like Lana Del Rey or Laura Mvula.

While he is clearly equipped to pull off this kind of song, there are two problems with this song. First, this is not especially memorable. It isn’t anything no one has ever heard before. We have heard similar songs from the artists mentioned above and others like Janelle Monae. And nothing about the song particularly grabs your attention either.

It’s not because the song isn’t good, but it’s because the song is not in its proper context. Like many of the artists he lists as influences such as Miguel, Prince and Frank Ocean, Adreyn Cash’s EP is a concept project. The EP titled Rich Girls Don’t Marry Poor Boy is slated for release this summer and takes inspiration from The Great Gatsby.

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The problem with concept albums is you have to be careful what song you choose to try and reel people in. Some songs on concept albums can stand on their own while others can only be appreciated within their context on the album. Left to stand on their own, especially as the first single, these songs tend to flounder like a fish out of water. This can cost them valuable opportunities as these songs may become missed opportunities to capture potential. And new artists, especially ones with as much talent as Cash, cannot afford to be passed up because of mistakes like that.

That’s it for Give It a Listen. What new songs have you guys been listening to? Let us know in the comment section of this Facebook post.

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