Give It a Listen: Sam Smith & TV on the Radio

Reggie Myers

Sam Smith ft. A$AP Rocky – I’m Not The Only One

Shortly after the release of ‘I’m Not The Only One’ as the next single comes this remix featuring A$AP Rocky. The song opens with A$AP rapping about his troubles finding a suitable mate that he believes will be worth his time. The song then goes into Sam singing about the details of a failed relationship due to his partner’s infidelity and unavailability.

It’s very interesting to see the different takes from these two artists. Sam’s vulnerability allows listeners to feel his pain when they listen to the lyrics while Rocky chooses to keep something of a wall up throughout his two verses, as if to completely say fuck it.

Also interesting to note is the way both artists approach the song from different sides of the coin. While Sam is clearly the wronged party, A$AP Rocky comes from the side of the cheater and from a more patriarchal outlook. Whether intentional or not, the combining of these two elements helps to craft a complete tale that humanizes both perspectives with Sam giving listeners a glimpse of what it feels like to be cheated on while Rocky gives listeners a glimpse into what creates a cheater in the first place.

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TV on the Radio – Happy Idiot

Last week saw the release of a new single from the critically acclaimed band, TV on the Radio. The new song is titled ‘Happy Idiot’, where the lead singer talks about his efforts to continue being ignorant to the fact that he screwed up his relationship. The song has a throwback vibe reminiscent of the early 2000s, and although the sound is not completely original, the group still manages to put their spin on it and make it theirs.

Meghan Trainor – Close Your Eyes

Tuesday saw the release of Meghan Trainor’s Title EP. Those who were fans of the 50s inspired ‘All About That Bass’ will love this project since the 50s theme is present throughout. One standout song from the EP is the final song titled ‘Close Your Eyes’. The song is another self-empowerment song that starts with Meghan singing over an acoustic guitar beat. The mellow 50s vibe is contrasted by the chopped and screwed lyrics at the end of each chorus. The song is great close to this EP and definitely worth a listen for anyone who could use a pick me up.

That’s it for this installment of Give It a Listen. What new songs are you feeling this week? Let us know.

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