Give It a Listen: Awolnation & This is The Kit

Reggie Myers

In the first of two ‘Give It a Listen’ segments, I’m going to introduce you to two songs that range from electro-pop rock to alternative folk.

Awolnation – Hollow Moon (Bad Wolf)

Awolnation released ‘Hollow Moon (Bad Wolf)’, the first single from their upcoming album titled RUN last week.  Awolnation has released a few popular singles in years past with the most notable being ‘Sail’, a dark pop-rock mega-hit which lasted three years on the Billboard Rock charts.  Needless to say, then, their newest single has big shoes to fill.

However, ‘Hollow Moon (Bad Wolf)’ is definitely up to the task. With a sound that will remind listeners of late 2012/early 2013, Awolnation delivers another relatable hit that finds the lead singer wrestling with his inner turmoil to address the problems he faces. Depending on how you interpret lines like ‘Imma make a deal with the bad wolf, so the bad wolf don’t bite no more’ or ‘I’ve been running from it all my lifetime/There’s nothing wrong with you, I’m searching for my right mind’, the song can be interpreted as him dealing with the end of a relationship or him trying to break free of his limitations which has been a constant theme in the band’s music.


Either way, the song works. The lyrics, combined with the beat which switches from hard-hitting rock to danceable pop-rock, makes the song accessible and catchy enough for potential new fans while satisfying their longtime fan base.  From a look at the views on their YouTube videos and their chart performance, Awolnation has found a successful formula to gain popularity while making music that’s true to who they are; and if they stay their course, I see them being a name to remember for quite a few years to come.

This is The Kit – Bashed Out

‘Bashed Out’ is the first single and title song from This is The Kit’s third album. The brainchild of lead singer Kate Stables, This is The Kit has evolved over the years from a duo to a five person ensemble.

With mellow instrumentation, Stables clear voice wafts through your eardrums as she sings about the ups and downs of life in the metaphor of the weather experienced while on a boat. She sings about how the outside bashes them in and then how the outside can be gentle in the next line. Her beautifully haunting voice takes on a pensive and uncertain tone, which is perfectly complemented by her bandmate’s voice and the guitar riff during the bridge. Fans of alternative folk music will definitely enjoy this beautiful song.

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