Give It a Listen: Arch Birds ft. Vanessa Haynes & Usain Bolt – Be the Fastest

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Yes, Usain Bolt is in a music video – we’re all automatically in clickbait heaven. Arch Bird’s new track ‘Be the Fastest’ was inspired by the fastest man on the planet and intended to raise our adrenaline levels to get us to the dancefloor.

Because Bolt is out there showing us his moves in this video I’m sure it will do well, but the track itself is lukewarm. It reminds me of the transition Sean Paul went from his peak days (we all remember and love the gift that were ‘Like Glue’, ‘Get Busy’ and ‘Temperature’) to doing a track with Little Mix – something went wrong but nobody knows exactly when the downward spiral began.

Anyway, this track reminds me of that – it’s okay, but it never quite gets off the mark. This is the kind of watered-down dancehall, which some people love, but which disappoints a true fan like me.

However, if you like looking at Bolt, watch the video. And if you want to dip your toe into some mild dancehall, give it a listen.

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