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This week’s Give It a Listen brings you three distinct tracks, ranging from house to jazz.

Jess Glynne – Hold My Hand

Jess Glynne has been named as the next big name in house music, and judged on everything she’s released thus far that is certainly the case. Her two tracks with Clean Bandit were rousing house/baroque pop anthems, and her collaboration with Route 94 was smooth and infectious. As was her first solo effort, ‘Right Here’.

She’s followed that up with ‘Hold My Hand’, which is an anthemic ditty of house, dance and pop.

‘I’m ready for this,’ she screeches, seemingly declaring she is ready for her pop-stardom, a stardom that is surely imminent. Glynne will maintain her hold on the charts for quite some time to come, I predict. Her debut album is set to be flawless – that is, if she continues her house and dance trends.

Autumn Rowe – If I Don’t Have You

Showing an abundance of hard, in-your-face beats, Autumn Rowe’s latest track ‘If I Don’t Have You’ is a thumping house-infused dance ballad in which she croons over her love. All she wants is her lover. She doesn’t care about the fame or the money, apparently.

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Whilst in parts the beat overplays Autumn’s sensitive vocal, for the most part Autumn is the shining star of this song. Her voice is soft and melancholy, with an edge of sincerity – it’s clear that this is a song close to her heart.

Having worked as a vocal coach on The X-Factor US, it is pretty much a given that big things await Autumn. You heard her here first.

Purdy – Bye Bye Love

Now for something different. Purdy is a jazz musician and her new track ‘Bye Bye Love’, taken from her upcoming EP Diamond in the Dust, shows a lot of promise. The staples of jazz are there and yet Purdy has managed to make it contemporary, something which a lot of other artists struggle to do.

There’s a nice balance between jazz solos and Purdy’s warbling vocal – a vocal not unlike Paloma Faith’s voice. I’ve had an exclusive listen to the EP (which is released 23 March) and it shows a lot of promise.

Purdy has quite a bit of range in her vocal talent, exemplified perfectly through the EP. If you like jazz, or you like something a bit different, give the EP a preorder now.

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