Harry Styles: ‘Don’t knock it ’til you try it’

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If you’re one of the many guys who fall asleep each night dreaming about Harry Styles, Journey’s most famous hit—‘Don’t Stop Believing’—might be just be the perfect soundtrack for you to read this article by.

Harry Styles—the One Direction member whose sexuality has been pushed to the forefront in the past week or so—has made jokes about his sexual orientation, while also denying being bisexual. Last week, in an interview with ODE, the members of 1D were asked what traits they look for in a girl.

‘Female,’ Liam Payne said, ‘it’s a good trait.’

‘Not that important,’ Styles said, laughing.

This week, when an interviewer talked about dating men, Styles joked, ‘Don’t knock it ‘til you try it.’ Like David Bowie in the 70s, Styles’ attitude about his personal life and the open affection between the members of 1D has fuelled curiosity on the part of reporters.

Recently, other 1D members have been featured in the press in relationship to LGBT+ issues. Louis Tomlinson responded badly to rumours that he was supporting newly-out Apple CEO Tim Cook by wearing a white shirt with the company’s original rainbow logo. Liam Payne had also gone on a shooting trip with the anti-LGBT+ stars of the American reality TV show Duck Dynasty—not to mention Liam’s awkward ‘I’m 100% not homophobic’ series of tweets.

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A group called Rainbow Direction has formed to ‘raise visibility and build a community of support for One Direction’s LGBTQ+ fans and supporters across the world.’

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