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There are some pretty decent new house tracks gaining airplay right now so I thought it would be a good idea to make a playlist of them, to help you all celebrate dissertation deadlines and essay submissions passing. Go on, have a drink. I know I am. You deserved it!

Clean Bandit – Extraordinary (Feat. Sharna Bass)

Clean Bandit certainly need no introduction after that stellar debut in the new year. ‘Rather Be’ is the song of 2014, and a lot thought that it would be impossible to match. ‘Extraordinary’ is equally brilliant; starting slow and building throughout, the track brings all of Clean Bandit’s trademark sounds, combining strings, piano and house beats. If ‘Rather Be’ is the perfect club banger, ‘Extraordinary’ is destined for beach parties with its roaring chorus, simple vocals by newcomer Sharna Bass, and steel drums. Like its predecessor, it makes the listener want to dance. The perfect feel-good track. Their album ‘New Eyes’ is shaping up to not only be the best album of the year, but one of the best debut albums I’ve heard in a long time.

Psychemagik – Black Noir Schwarz (Feat. Renegade)

‘Black Noir Schwarz’ from newcomers Psychemagik is a rather psychedelic affair, marrying plucking synths with dark and grungy house beats. It’s one of those tracks played in the early hours of the morning, when everyone is off their head without a clue of what’s going on. ‘Black Noir Schwarz’ constantly dips between in-you-face beats and spaced-out instrumental solos, but it’s something different that’ll have you hooked instantly! I’m going to be watching Psychemagik very closely.

RÜFÜS – Take Me

Taken as the latest single from RÜFÜS’ debut album ‘Atlas’, ‘Take Me’ is a summer anthem with vocals reminiscent of Owl City played over steel drums and a deep, pulsing beat. The vocals are raw and the beat is hypnotic. Played on a night out, this stellar track will certainly take you to another world. ‘Atlas’ is out now in the UK.

One Bit – Not About You

Combining garage and house beats, One Bit’s ‘Not About You’ starts slow and rather melancholy with a vocal not unalike to X-Factor’s Aiden. The chorus is euphoric and pulsing, with gorgeous vocals over plucky breakdowns. Other cuts ‘Cold’ and ‘Daydream’ are certainly worth a listen.

Gorgon City – Here For You (Feat. Laura Welsh)

Gorgon City follows up their recent hit ‘Ready For Your Love’ with an altogether different track. ‘Here For You’ is a gorgeous silky track, starting simply and elegantly before dropping into a soaring chorus blasted over choppy beats and culminating in a euphoric, cinematic ending. Their production work is excellent and they are destined to become as big as Disclosure. Gorgon City also recently produced the Klaxon’s next track ‘There Is No Other Time’, their only good song ever, solely down to this duo’s production work.

Breach – This Ones For You You Know Who You Were

‘Everything You Never Had’ was the perfect single choice for Breach last year, who follows it up with the 3-track ‘Artis’ EP. ‘This Ones For You’ is a melancholy affair that reaches almost annoying levels of simplicity before dropping into wavy and plucky beats. It needs some work done to it: maybe shear off half of the opening, get to the scatty middle section quicker, and add some decent vocals, but Breach is another one to watch. This track shows real promise, buried deep beneath.

Neon Jungle – Welcome to the Jungle

Neon Jungle continue their penchant for deep dance beats on their slow burning ‘Welcome to the Jungle’ which takes a few listens to really cement its place in your memory, but will be hard to push from once it’s there. Juddering vocals, harsh beats and a repetitive chorus ensure it’s remembered, and it’s another track that begs the listener to dance. Their debut album needs to drop soon!

The Young Professionals – Say Hey (Feat. Far East Movement)

TYP follow up recent club banger ‘Let’s Do It Right’ with another big name collaboration, that combines a deep beat with jerky synths and clapping sounds. Their new sound is fresh and invigorating, and second album ‘Quick Quick, Star Star, Money Money’ is shaping up to be fantastic. The ending of ‘Say Hey’ is anthemic almost, and gorgeous to hear, and Far East Movement’s feature works surprisingly well, even if their vocals starkly contrast with Ivri’s. ‘Welcome To The Down’ also deserves a download.

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