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There’s a new band called Broods who are about to take the world by storm. Whilst there’s not much information circulating about the duo, these are the five salient points:

1. They sound amazing. 

Important, obviously, in a world so full of Pitbull’s and Modern-Day-Madonnna’s. Their self titled debut EP is full of dreamily produced, wait for it, “brooding” electropop. Whilst it may not be an obvious attempt to revolutionise pop music, the duo have undoubtedly worked tirelessly to create 6 tracks which all stand out as individually magnificent on their first record. There are flickers of Imogen Heap and Hurts throughout as Georgia’s ethereal falsetto leads most tracks, with Caleb’s gloomy bassier tones thickening the narration. Their lyrics range from the downright genius (“If scars are for the living then I could be forgiven”) to the emotionally penetrative (“You’re pushing down on my shoulders, emptying my lungs. In a moment I’m older, in a moment – you’ve won”) often ending up somewhere in between (“Lost in love with you is a a pretty thing. Lost in love with me could be what you need”). But it’s the production which adds the perfect sheen and finish to these songs: for those worrying about the monotony of overproduced electronic music, listen to the first ten seconds of Frou Frou-esque “Pretty Thing” or the cataclysmic chorus of “Bridges” and thank me later.

2. They are criminally attractive.

Important, obviously, in a world so full of vanity and Bradjelina’s. ‘Trivial’ details such as relationship statuses and sexualities are not known (by Vada) at this present time but we do know that Caleb and Georgia Nott, 21 and 19 respectively, are in fact brother and sister, not husband and wife so they’ve got that going for them. We’ve not come across pop siblings this wondrous since The Jonas Brothers hit puberty. Seriously though guys, these two are beautiful people. Really beautiful. Their EP artwork is equally as aesthetically pleasing so the continuity is mind blowing.

3. They’re good at the old social media malarkey.

Important, obviously, in a world so full of followers and likes. The duo have over 15000 “likes” on their official Facebook page (solid work for a band who weren’t around a year ago and have only released 6 songs, I’m sure you’ll agree) and a following of over 4000 on Twitter. Their updates range from the informative to the hilarious, the sentimental to the exciting. They tweet enough to remain active and in the loop but not too much to be seen as pisstakingly desperate or tediously controversial. Unrelated sidenote: how’s Azealia Banks getting on nowadays? Regardless, their platform of social media is as interesting as it is mysterious: there’s plenty to learn about these two but most definitely plenty more kept behind closed doors. Watch this space.

4. They’re from New Zealand. 

Important, obviously, in a world so full of talent that hails from New Zealand. Lorde, who shares producer Joel Little with Broods, is as young as she is a Kiwi. Peter Jackson, director of a handful of low-budget, under the radar films, is also from New Zealand. Kimbra, of Gotye collaboration fame (whilst her debut album was criminally overlooked by nearly the entire world), hails from Broods’ neck of the woods as do Flight of the Conchords. The best has most definitely been kept until last as we reveal Britain’s own modern day hero, Daniel Bedingfield, is of New Zealand origin. What a man. With a list as extensive and impressive as this (but do feel free to continue research as plenty of genuinely talented individuals are part, if not entirely, Kiwi), it’s clear to see that Broods are from good stock and are offering some good looks and even better music.

5. They’re going to be big news this year.

As if relying on genuinely amazing pop music wasn’t enough for this promising duo, they’ve recently revealed two impressive support slots – firstly, for world favourite Jewish sisters Haim during their UK tour and also for 2014’s best selling emotionally damaged female singer-songwriter so far, Ellie Goulding, as she heads to Australia and New Zealand with the siblings. Undoubtedly, these shows will result in endless possibilities for Broods as well as a hefty insurge in fangirling directed towards the two. Also, having just signed to Polydor on our native shores, and Capitol for their US fans, the band have released their sublime EP across the oceans to two of the biggest consumer markets. They’re the kind of band who already have a considerable “blogger buzz” behind then and will inspire thousands of remixes and millions of Hype Machine hits, inevitably resulting in them donning some form of “2014’s best kept secret” crown at the end of the year. But, to be frank, if they continue the way they’re going, they could be wearing that headpiece tomorrow and, if there’s any justice, will most definitely be come August when they release their debut album. And so we wait.

If you’re around Notting Hill on the evening of March 5th and have £5 to spare, you could witness the duo’s debut UK gig which will, almost definitely, be an upsettingly magnificent spectacle in all respects.

Broods have been, are and will be amazing. You heard it here first.

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