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An unknown for now, Roya is a name you will likely hear crop up over and over in the coming months. There are big things ahead of the starlet, though a lot of them are seriously cloak and dagger, we’re told. All you need to know is she is going to be BIG. And next year will belong to her.

As an introduction, Roya has recorded a haunting rendition of Calvin Harris’ anthem ‘Summer’. Hers is altogether different: bleak, floating vocals swirl amongst a hard, island-vibe beat consisting of spacious, programmed notes and steel drums. Her style is striking from the offset and it is clear she wants to create something different. This song perfectly captures the darkness of her tones and the style she has undertaken is perfect for those scary Halloween nights.

Though currently unreleased, Roya has also recorded a track with DJ/Producer John Monkman, a protege of Pete Tong. The track, titled ‘Now or Never’ will be released shortly through Armin Van Buuren’s label Armada, and the instrumental track can be heard here.

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Keep an eye and an ear out for Roya. This is only the beginning.

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