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As the world awaits a new Robyn album, in whatever carnation she chooses to release new music, here comes 22 year old Salt Ashes. She openly states to be obsessed with legendary producer Giorgio Moroder, who saw a massive career boom after being involved in another one of her influences, Daft Punk’s Grammy winning ‘Random Access Memories’ last year. His influence is plastered all over Salt Ashes debut single ‘Somebody’ which almost sounds like it could have been an early Donna Summer track with breathless vocals and heavy synthesisers.  Already available online, it is a brilliant track to create buzz for the singer, with a stylish video to coincide with the songs icy dark sound. With ‘Random Access Memories’ success there is certainly a place in the market for this solo songstress’ exciting sound.

The B-side to ‘Somebody’ is the equally fantastic ‘Little Dove’ which is another slice of cool electro pop that starts off subtle, building up in sound with finger snaps and deep vocal samples which hark back to Kate Bush’s ‘The Dreaming.’ Bush is cited as another of her influences along with everyone twenty something’s favourite influence Madonna.

Salt Ashes, original name Veiga Sanchez, last year cleverly placed a cover version and a video of Depeche Mode’s ‘Black Celebration’ online showcasing the direction she was going forward with after several demos and tracks had already appeared online as far back as 2011. As ‘Somebody’ grows in momentum, she has also unleashed a live version of the Arctic Monkeys’ ‘Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High’ for Gigwise.  She turns the guitar track into a tribute to early 80s synth-pop. With her influences clearly on display it will be interesting to see what a full album would sound like.


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