Jenny Back to the Block – Same Girl

James Dix

Jennifer Lopez heads back to the block for new music video ‘Same Girl’.

JLO’s new single ‘Same Girl’ comes from her upcoming eighth studio album. The 44 year old singer headed back to the Bronx to film the video.

The song is similar in style to track ‘Jenny from the Block’ from her third album. The theme of staying true to her roots is clear throughout.

‘Jenny from the Block’ may be terribly cheesy looking back on it now, but it is undeniably the most memorable JLO track. (Only now do I realise how much flesh was on show in the video.)

Despite her huge fame for her work in film, TV, as a talent show judge and music, she makes the effort to prove the importance of home.

Lopez’s style in ‘Same Girl’ is reminiscent of her classic Christmas track ‘All I Have’ ft. LL Cool J. Fur hoods on puffy jackets are never growing old. I just hope it is fake fur.

Unfortunately for Jenny, the new video is reminiscent of Dappy’s video ‘No Regrets’ with the choral back-up singers on a rooftop.

Watch the video and judge for yourself.

The new single is a refreshing change from her many duets with Pitbull. The latest contribution from the rapper appears on the track ‘Live it Up’, another song that is set for an appearance on her eighth album. The song did moderately well, but proved that third time is not always the charm.

There is no denying that she looks good for her age and in that respect she is the ‘Same Girl’. The video is cinematic in style, whilst retaining a documentary style appearance. Does it also look like a demonstration of how well JLO can walk in heels? Yes.

The song itself, is half decent. That is about it. Half decent.

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