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John Preston

John Preston selects his current, weekly essential tracks

Hercules & Love Affair (Featuring Faris Badwan) – Controller

Teaming robo, classic-house with lead vocals by The Horrors and Cat’s Eyes vocalist Faris Badwan is an inspired move. His distinct boom sounds more refined here and as sexy as ever, propelling the track into a hedonistic nightclub heaven.

Monsieur Adi (Featuring Red) – Stay Up Late

All sorts going here; French house from ten years ago, that snooker-ball Prince percussion sound and female disco vocals with slabs of strings coming from nowhere. Decadent and hard to resist.

Texas – Let’s Work It Out

Pop stars who have been around since before AOL are coming back with music that pre-dates even themselves. Texas have favoured mid-tempo ‘Rock The Boat’ sex disco and Sharleen Spiteri is their natural captain.

Terror Jr (Featuring Father & Lil B) – Come First (Felix Snow Based Mix)

Kylie Jenner’s dead-eyed, electro sugar-pop outfit adds Father and Lil B’s rhymes to the mix which does no harm at all. Music to do your nighttime make-up to, regardless of the brand.

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Lana Del Rey – Love

Back into LDR world which is infinitely preferable to the current reality. One of her best and more commercial songs and her pronunciation of the word ‘particular’ is reason enough to love Love.


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