If Juliette Barnes were real

James Dix

If Juliette Barnes was real – she’d be a gay icon. Why? Because she’s dramatic, talented, hot and sassy.

Juliette Barnes is a huge country music sensation – in the world of Nashville that is. With hit songs such as ‘Boys and Buses’, ‘Telescope’ and ‘Love Like Mine’, it seemed like the country star, played by Hayden Panettiere, was a perfect popstar.

All was going quite well until a major plot twist, where Juliette loses her stardom after a comment gets warped by the media. Nashville, now in its second season, has been renewed for a third from ABC. The TV show follows country music stars in a musical-drama.

Vada looks at what would really happen if the Nashville character Juliette Barnes were real.

  1. Juliette Would Be Taylor Swift’s Biggest Rival

Not only would it be a battle of a charts for country-pop stardom, but the two blondes would probably be fighting it out over who is going to date the lead singer of the next big boyband. She’s a little bit renowned for being a homewrecker. No, not Taylor – she hasn’t dated anyone in ages, maybe.

  1. Juliette Would go off the Rails

All the abuse from internet trolls and Juliette would either shave her hair off and turn into Britney Spears, or shave her hair off and turn into Miley Cyrus. Either way, she’s about due for another major breakdown.

  1. She’d go Number 1

All the bad press, who cares? You can’t stop country-pop.

  1. Launch a TV Show

Every drying up singer needs a reality TV show to boost their audience again. Why do you think they all go on Big Brother and I’m a Celebrity? Juliette’s would be trailer-trash-tastic.

Juliette Barnes don’t take no nonsense! (Double negatives are darned tootin’ good when you’re country).

All jokes aside, Nashville is a fantastic show to watch and features other talented music artists. With so many original songs created for the TV show it’s like finding a new iTunes and multiple new favourite artists without even trying.

Nashville airs on More 4 in the UK on Thursday nights at 10pm.

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