Katy Perry – Birthday

James Dix

Never a bore, Katy Perry goes all Sacha Baron Cohen on us as she takes on multiple outrageous personas in her new music video for ‘Birthday’.

Is it fun and inclusive, or does it just take the piss out of minorities?

‘Birthday’ is the fourth single off of Katy’s third studio album Prism. The zany video distracts from the questionable and inappropriate song featuring ‘big balloons’.

Golden Nuggets

(She means her tits) Dressed up as Goldie the Dancer, Perry flickers back to old age as she did in her video ‘The One That Got Away’. This time however, she is an aged performer, popping out of a birthday cake.

If her slightly offensive appearance and dancing weren’t bad enough, she drops a birthday cake on a man in a wheelchair.

The Rabbi

Under the name of Yosef Shulem, Perry transforms into the ultimate MC. By ultimate, I mean awful. Dressed as a Jewish stereotype, moustache and all. Perry prats around for a bit, not very funny. Wait until the credits of the video for an extra surprise…

Craigslist Clown

Katy causes car crashes: ‘I’m just trying to get some cash on the side’ as Kriss the Clown. Unremarkable, an easy disguise, but a fantastic shocker moment. It’s like an episode of Punk’d.

Papa Smurf

Ace the Animal Trainer, covered with cake. Scaring little children is funny, especially when you pretend to eat animals. Watch out for a call from animal rights projects Katy.


Princess Mandee, is the social media cutie-pie princess, that we wouldn’t mind turning up to our birthday. A bodge job at face painting is excusable when you get #TheCoolestPrincessSinceFrozen


Check it out, it’s a fun alternative to the standard music video. Katy likes to tell a story, especially whilst on tour. ‘Birthday’ is to Prism what ‘Last Friday Night’ was to Teenage Dream.

Katy crash our birthday, just don’t break our cake.

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