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As one fourth of chart topping band B*Witched: Keavy Lynch knows too well, the trappings of fame and fortune. After years spent away from the public eye, she was once again thrust back into the spotlight last year, with the critically acclaimed The Big Reunion. Here she opens up to me about being involved in the show, offering advice to this year’s participants and also giving us a little insight, into her world. With a degree upon her, new material with the other girls and her own band The Collection, it looks set to be another great year for her.


Vada: What a roller-coaster of a year it’s been (no pun intended)! What has been your highlight?

The highlights were getting to spend so much time with my girls again and of course getting to do an arena tour and share our music, with our fans again! Amazing!

With so many big characters on board last year, for The Big Reunion, did it ever feel competitive?

I’m not really a competitive person. My motivation for anything I approach, is always try to do my best, not better than anyone else.


The atmosphere appeared a little fraught when Blue joined the show. What were your thoughts on such a late entry, after all the prep work you had all done?

I was ok with it, but some people weren’t happy, because blood sweat and tears went into the show and most of the bands were genuinely reuniting, for the first time in over 10 years. Having Blue so polished and back together for years seemed unfair. But they were a great addition, so much fun!

With the tour being such a huge success, how did it feel to know, that most of those fans had grown up with B*Witched?

It was great to engage with the fans again. They put us on stage the first time and now the second. It was mad to see grown-ups in the audience now with children there, as our original fans were children at the time.

How exactly has life changed for you, since The Big Reunion?

Life hasn’t changed such a great deal other than I get to embrace my passion for music again on stage and in the studio. We are doing a new EP and I’m loving writing again.

What do you think was the success behind the show and tour, my personal thoughts are it was a lot to do with the whole nostalgia element?

Nostalgia played a big part yes, the 90’s were a great fun time. Also I think the TV show was a success, because of the honesty from each of the individuals. We laid our cards on the table and opened up.

Any thoughts on this year’s Big Reunion line-up and any advice for them?

I am looking forward to seeing Eternal back on stage, they were amazing back in the day. My advice would be to hold on to everything else in your life too and just add this to the bill, instead of giving everything up for it.

One thing I have to ask is, who was the brain child behind the double denim?

Sadly to say it was a stylist named Kyle who didn’t get the job. I don’t understand why he didn’t get involved with the record company policy.


It’s been well documented that you are working towards a degree yourself, how have you divided your time between studying and life with B*Witched?

I have no idea how I juggled both to be honest! [Laughs] It was long hours and tough at times, but very worth it, now that I will be done in a couple of months.

So what does this year have in store for Keavy and the rest of the band?

This year I will qualify as a counsellor and write a new EP with the girls and, of course, more gigging.

All of the band members looked incredible this year, what is your beauty secret?

The only beauty secret I have is to drink a quarter of lemon in hot water each morning and I eat healthily.


I would like to take the opportunity to thank Keavy for her time and also Amber Du Platel at ten10management. For further information please visit:

The Collection website:

Twitter: @Keavylynch @BWitchedreunion

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