Kylie is Wow-Wow-Wow-Wow

James Dix

The new female judge of BBC’s hit talent show The Voice is the pop princess herself, Kylie Minogue. It is not just us in the UK who get the delights of Kylie, but The Voice Australia will also feature her as a judge this year.

In Episode One she already got giddy and said: “Shut up Minogue.” A true diva always talks in the third person. Remember how every Jessie J song begins: “J-J-J-Jessie J.” My mum is devastated to see Jessie J go, but now it is time to celebrate Kylie.


All the Lovers

From her eleventh album Aphrodite, ‘All the Lovers’ was the last big hit from Miss Minogue.

It hardly seems that this was three years ago, nevertheless it was her third-third top ten UK single. Years of music experience mean that Kylie is going to be a spectacular judge in the weeks to come.

With a few more singles after that, she released The Abbey Road Sessions, an album of orchestral arrangements of her previous songs.


Kylie has never been one to get left behind. The 45 year old still wears whatever she wants to and upholds a fantastic figure.

You can see her rocking the futuristic garb in her video for “Wow” back in 2008.


Undoubtedly one of the sexiest songs ever. In 2012 Minogue picked it as her all-time favourite song from her 25 years in music.

The song is probably famous for the music video. Kylie lying in a fairly covered up pool outfit surrounded by men in little trunks. Thank you Kylie, you won us over with that.

She made herself an icon for us and we accept. Maybe she inspired Tom Daley to dive…


In order to win contestants over to her side, she is willing to use one of Sir Tom Jones’s tricks of name dropping.

‘Kids’ with Robbie Williams may have been thirteen years ago, but that was her seventh album. This lady has a real legacy behind her and it is not one to be forgotten.

If she duets this well with Robbie, let’s see her duet with her contestants.

This song is a total karaoke classic.

Better the Devil You Know

We know that Dannii Minogue is able to judge talent competitions having worked on The X-Factor as well as Britain & Ireland’s Next Top Model, so why not Kylie?

Undeniably Kylie has more mainstream music success, whilst her sister has experience in musicals and some chart success.

Vada reckons that ‘Better the Minogue You Know’, we believe in Kylie.

If you are still unconvinced that she deserves her place on the panel, just wait and see what she has to offer.

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