Manilow marries in secret gay wedding

Sean Weaver

Once again, a major music icon has stepped out of the closet to join the growing ranks of gay celebrities.

As originally reported by The National Inquirer, singer Barry Manilow has tied the knot with his long-time boyfriend Gary Kief – who is Manilow’s manager and president of Manilow productions.

While speculators have often wondered about his sexuality, this news comes as a surprise to the LGBT community because Manilow has never really disclosed his private life, as well as his sexuality, to the public.

Manilow and Keif tied the knot in April 2014 during a private wedding at their Palm Springs Mansion and invited 50 guests. According to the Inquirer, guests were invited under the pretense of lunch and were surprised when they were greeted and told a wedding was to take place.

Although they were married via the private ceremony, the marriage has been kept under wraps – both  Manilow and Keif have not officially filed for marriage under the fear of public backlash.

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Congratulations Manilo and Keif! Vada wishes you many more years of love in your new married life.

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