In Memoriam – The Jonas Brothers

James Dix

October 29th was a sad day for any Jonas Brothers fan. The Jonas Brothers Live Tour has been cancelled. The new album V might never be released. The Jonas Brothers have split up.

The Jonas Brothers were on a comeback. The last album they had released was Lines, Vines and Trying Times in 2009 and they had waited until 2012 to announce that they would be working together again. In 2013 the first single from the album was released, ‘Pom Poms’.

The Brothers had been performing reunion concerts since late 2012 and the single was the big commercial revival. The single reached a modest 60 in the US music charts.

June 25th was the release of single number two after it had been leaked early. ‘First Time’ was a song that had a mature sound compared to ‘Pom Poms’ and was what the album was expected to sound like.

The video was released later on July 18th. The gap between single release and video may have been the cause for the lack of commercial success.

The Brothers had come a long way since their fledgling music career and were on their ninth concert tour. The Jonas Brothers Live Tour was only two days from beginning when the group decided to cancel it.

On October 22nd Nick Jonas tweeted “Bear with us.” He is referring to the band. The same day Joe Jonas tweets “please hold while we get our s@#t together (sic)”

Then October 29th comes and it is the worst possible news for the fans. The Jonas Brothers announce their split.

Kevin has his first child on the way, Nick wants to go back to Broadway and Joe wants to do his own thing.

The Jonas Brothers have come a long way since their first single ‘Mandy’.

Most fans will not remember them for the first album It’s About Time, which had a very limited release. British fans were only introduced to the Brothers when they released their second self-titled album Jonas Brothers. The Brothers were taken on by Disney’s Hollywood Records in 2007 and we bought into them. The album got to number 9 in the UK Charts after the success of ‘SOS’.

Sadly the days of the young, fresh faced Jonas Brothers are long gone and may never return. We will always have the 3D concert DVD to go back to, we will always have Camp Rock and Joe’s ridiculously straightened hair.

If you thought that the Brothers never made good music, listen to ‘Lovebug’ one more time.

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