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What do you get if you take a classically trained blonde bombshell, place her in New York living the life of a hand to mouth Artist and set the filter to black and white? Add some smoke and dramatic theatre lights and you have a star waiting to be born. This Idaho born beauty most definately has some spunk, enough to even make one….

Although this isn’t her debut album it is her first album consisting of entirely original music of which 8 tracks were co-penned by her. The album has amazing structure and offers a narrative of love going from the thrill of the chase with Hunter to the sweet soulful surrender of ‘Let Me Keep You’.

For the album, the famous jazz artist Doug Wamble was brought on board to assemble the band and offer guidance in the creation of this musical masterpiece. The elegance with which genres blend, conjure up memories of Carole King but James’ passionate vocals ensure you won’t forget her.

My favourite track by far is, ‘Heart Shake’. The moodiness of the music and descriptive lyrics are so intoxicating I can literally feel my every bone shiver with pure ecstasy. It is an interesting fact that all those harmonies and backing vocals you hear are her! I always find it amazing how someone can create such different antagonistic sounds that when over-laid create this spooky harmony.

It’s amazing how this bluesy-swing style of music is re-emerging on the anniversary of World War 1. Now I always associate this music with the war-years where your guilty pleasure wasn’t some illegal substance but rather sneaking out to go dancing. Now I know there are those of you who will deny this but we ALL have done it before. Locked our bedroom doors and put on some good music and just danced. From the Queens-to-be to the next big software programmer, at one point or another we have reached a point where enough is enough. All we can do is get lost in the music and give ourselves over to the beat. Now next time you have one of those days I challenge you to put on Morgan James and let go.


Hunter is available from Amazon and iTunes

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