Music: 7 of the Best New Songs – 28 February 2022

John Preston

John Preston picks seven of the week’s best new tracks.

Nneka, ‘Tea?’

From her sixth album Love Supreme, Nneka returns with a woozy and rhythmic, bass-heavy tune that still has a lightness of touch allowing each element including Nneka’s irresistible vocals to shine through. There is a lot more to explore on Love Supreme with Nneka continuing to be a class act.

Blue Hawaii, ‘My Best Friend’s House’

Not many artists are making the music that Blue Hawaii regularly do and this is particularly evident on their new EP’s highlight, ‘My Best Friend’s House’. UK funky, house and garage feature heavily, along with a pop sensibility that makes Blue Hawaii such an essential duo.

BROODS, ‘Distance and Drugs’

BROODS have been strengthening their position with each new album and on Space Album there is a maturity and cohesiveness that is never staid. The majority of the record languishes in more mid-tempo grooves whilst ‘Distance and Drugs’ teases with bursts of kinetic energy.

ADULT., ‘I Am Nothing’

There is never any let up with ADULT. They have been making music for over two decades now and are as visceral and punishing now as they were in the very beginning. Aside from Nicola Kuperus’ macabre and threatening vocals, everything is machine-made and razor sharp – a love letter to the nihilistic.

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Florence + The Machine, ‘King’

If it’s jarringly banal to hear Florence sing of having arguments in the kitchen by fear not, by the chorus she back to swords and self-mythologising. Her first production with Jack Antonoff, ‘King’ takes all the best parts of Florence and lets them breath, one of her best.

Doss, ‘Jumpin’

Dance artist and producer Doss likes to leave plenty of space between releases. Her self-titled debut EP was released in 2014 and it wasn’t until last year that she finally returned with a new track. More new music has followed and ‘Jumpin’ is an unpredictably manic tempo-changing banger.

Sevdaliza, ‘Everything Is Everything’

Sevdaliza’s New EP, Raving Dahlia, covers more ground in just 26 minutes than a lot of albums that have a 20-song track list. ‘Everything Is Everything’ is a genuine banger – one that is sleek and refined in its electro-majesty, and is just as surprising as the remaining EP.

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