Music: 7 of the Best New Songs – 7 March 2022

John Preston

John Preston picks this week’s seven best songs.

Charli XCX, ‘Baby’

A more organic sounding track for Charli XCX with plenty of synths, yes, but led by a skipping, looser disco-sound that is infinitely more relatable than the hard-edged hyperpop we’ve come to expect. From the upcoming CRASH album, Charli XCX is entering another exciting phase.

Charlotte Adigery and Bolis Pupul, ‘Mantra’

Topical Dancer is a very early contender for one of the best albums of the year, and technically this is Charlotte Adigery and Bolis Pupul’s debut album. When social issues form the backbone of a dance act and are expressed through humour and irony it can be a risk, but not in such capable hands.

Flock of Dimes, ‘Pure Love’

‘Pure Love’ confidently has all its often elusive parts in the correct place, creating a hopeful and passionate pop song about love which should read tacky or clichéd but is neither. Flock of Dimes have given in to their inner pop monster and it’s a side they should indulge more often.

Nilüfer Yana, ‘L/R’

Yana’s second album PAINLESS is in some ways a more rigid and straightforward collection of songs compared to her 2019 debut, but that doesn’t mean that it’s any less accomplished or compelling – far from it. Tracks like ‘L/R’ are taut and artfully melodic and are in the majority here.

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COBRAH, CupcakKe, ‘Good PusS’

Necessary filth from COBRAH and CupcakKe, whose guest raps have always been entertaining and often add a heightened vulgarity which can be oddly endearing. Stomping squelchy electro sweetens the ride and the duo have a blast.

Wet Leg, ‘Angelica’

Wet Leg continue to be brats of the kind that seemed to be confined to the Britpop phenomenon of the mid 90s, not just because of their arts school attitude but musically, comparisons can be also be made. Guitars, non-sequiturs and very bad behaviour return.

Leikeli47, ‘BITM’

Bitch I’m The Man instructs Leikeli47 on a track which sees her return to the ballroom scene with a subtle house homage to Masters at Work vogue anthem ‘The Ha Dance’. Always with a sense of humour, the constantly disguised rapper makes it all sound so easy.

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