Music: 7 of the Best Songs – 21 March 2022

John Preston

Check out John Preston’s seven best songs of the week.

Little Boots, ‘Want You Back?’

The reissue of Little Boots’ debut album from 2010 proved that the love for this artist, and this album in particular, matched the levels of that particular time in music – one where female synth-pop artists suddenly seemed to dominate. Back with a new album, ‘Want You Back?’ is an example of how Little Boots works just as well in 2022.

Sudan Archives, ‘Home Maker’

After a considerable absence, Sudan Archives returns with a different perspective and a shift in sound that incorporates a looser and more approachable disco vibe, along with a jazz structure that perfectly fits Sudan Archives’ musical vision. ‘Home Maker’ is about exactly that, and from a perspective that charms.

Charli XCX, ‘Lightning’

CRASH, Charli XCX’s new album and the last one to fulfil her major label’s contract, is the artist’s conscious attempt to inhabit the space of a commercial and successful pop star. Everything looks and sounds expensive, and this is Charli XCX with some of the more experimental edges smoothed down. ‘Lightning’ is the one, more unruly outlier.

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Rosalíá, ‘BIZOCHITO’

Rosaliá’s hotly anticipated new album Motomami is a disorientating collage of sounds and expressions. The majority of the club tracks are barely two minutes long and are linked by a thumping reggaeton beat which is constantly disrupted, morphing suddenly into a power ballad or blown-out bass jam. Heady stuff.

Soft Cell & Pet Shop Boys, ‘Purple Zone’

The grandfathers of subversive electro-pop collaborate for the first time ever – the result of which harks back to the peak of their chart dominating days – and what an unexpected joy it is to hear. Originally meant for the Pet Shop Boys to remix, they loved the song so much that it developed into a full blown musical partnership.

MUNA, ‘Anything But Me’

MUNA secured their place within the contemporary pop canon with their critically lauded and fan adored 2019 Saves the World album. The female trio return with a single that sounds equal parts Goldfrapp and Shania Twain and which is probably their most instant and commercial sounding record yet. A smash, surely.

Kungs, Boys Noize, ‘Fashion’

Kungs team up with the prolific Boys Noize for a funky and addictive banger – a perfect pairing and one that sees the Boys guesting on a track when usually they are the host. Rhythmically hypnotic and with a simple riff, this is is old-skool perfection that is harder to find these days.

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