Music: 7 of the Best Songs – 25 October 2021

John Preston

John Preston gives us the best seven songs of the week.

Self Esteem, ‘How Can I Help You?’

The onus is on you to make an extra special effort to listen to Self Esteem’s stunning, idiosyncratic second album Prioritise Pleasure. If not, then you’ll be missing out on what is likely to be the record of the year and why would you want that? An important pop voice, make her a star.

Lana Del Rey, ‘Black Bathing Suit’

The singer is at her most Lana Del Rey on this predominately piano-led ballad. Even the title amusingly alludes to her standard tropes. Towards the end, the lyrics are sung through a feral howl and it’s clear that although the growth of Del Rey as a songwriter and performer might be subtle, it is paying off.

Moyka, ‘When’

Played live for almost a year, ‘When’ finally founds a home on Moyka’s excellent debut album The Revelations of Love. The Norwegian singer-songwriter has collected a dreamy but propulsive set of electro sad-bangers and ‘When’ probably comes out as the strongest of the bunch.

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Agnes, ‘Love and Appreciation’

Soulful and organic disco that takes its influence more from the mid- to late-70s’ era of dance music, ‘Love and Appreciation’ is graceful and poised but with a level of energy that will still make you sweat. Agnes sounds wonderful, mighty and in full command of her throbbing dance floor.

Kacy Hill, ‘Easy Going’

Kacy Hill has successfully diversified her sound on new album Simple, Sweet and Smiling, and although her precise use of airy space continues there is more structure and obvious pop references. ‘Easy Going’ is a great example of this, and will surely bring even more listeners to Kacy Hill’s singular style.

Anz, ‘You Could Be’

The only criticism that could be levelled at Manchester DJ Anz’s new EP is that it’s too short. So much good stuff is covered in such little time. However, with ‘You Could Be’ featuring the sweetest vocals from George Riley, it’s probably still my favourite. Like electro-boogie and Madonna’s first album combined, it’s sublime.

UNIIQU3, ‘Microdosing’

UNIIQUE3 continues to make thrilling, authentic club music that incorporates elements from the past in a way that is never obvious and is great for trainspotters of sub-genres. Moving away from ballroom and old school female hip-hop which she has dabbled in previously, Microdosing is pure electro house and is as impeccable as ever.

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