Music: 7 of The Best Songs – 27 September 2021

John Preston

John Preston selects the best seven new music releases from the past week.

GRACIE, ‘the internet’

Its full title surely needs to also incorporate the word ‘fuck’, but GRACIE clearly appreciated that sometimes it’s best to hold a little back. This is a thoughtful and compelling single that also confirms the bravery of an artist who could easily have released the banger many have been expecting. This is much better though.

Boys Noize feat. ABRA, ‘Affection’

The return of ABRA is not a let down and pairing up with Boys Noize makes so much sense, such is their combined knowledge and love of house and techno music. ‘Affection’ comes from Boys Noize’s essential new album +/-, which also features Rico Nasty, Kelsey Lu and Jake Shears.

Let’s Eat Grandma, ‘Hall of Mirrors’

Another welcome return, Let’s Eat Grandma have effortlessly developed a sound that is uniquely theirs and on hearing ‘Hall of Mirrors’ this strong sense of identity is immediately apparent. The duo have a singing style that is simultaneously familiar and other-worldly, and this magical complement helps solidify their outlier status.

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Aimee Mann, ‘Burn It Out’

If ever there was an artist that could conjure up that melancholic but reassuring shift from late summer to the first few proper days of Autumn in music form, then it’s Aimee Mann. ‘Burn It Out’ is lush and beautiful. It’s a long way from the earlier indie jangle that Mann peddled at the time but the superior melodies and pathos remain.

Charlotte Adigéry, BOLIS PUPUL, ‘Thank You’

A sarcastic clap-back delivered with her usual, considerable humour and style, Charlotte Adigéry thanks fans and colleagues for pointing out that they created her and yes, she also prefers her first EP. Set to robotic and irresistible electro, Adigéry raises a smile whilst she elegantly saunters back to the dance floor.

Nao, ‘Burn Out’

‘Burn Out’ is an honest account of Nao’s struggle to accept that things were starting to spiral. The wonderfully titled album And Then Life Was Beautiful is more tranquil than her previous releases but in the case of ‘Burn Out’, Nao’s gift to present something as seemingly simple where hidden elements gradually reveal themselves is still intact.

Little Boots, ‘Silver Balloons’

Little Boots’ anniversary re-issue of her 2009 debut album Hands was such an enormous success that the electro-pop/house singer and DJ decided to go back to her pop beginnings. The upcoming crowdfunded album is preceded by ‘Silver Balloons’, which makes a solid reintroduction to this underrated performer.

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