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This week’s You Need to Hear This is a bumper playlist of seven jams that are soundtracking my nights out partying, and my horrendous slogs at the gym. Check them out below – I’m sure you’ll find a new favourite amongst them!

Adele – When We Were Young (Cherry Beach Remix)

The Cherry Beach Remix of Adele’s seminal ‘When We Were Young’ is a tropical house track that is just perfect. There’s no other word to sum it up – if you’re a fan of Adele (and if not, why the hell not?!) or tropical house (it’s all the rage at the minute, y’know) you’ll LOVE this.

The drop is addictive, and the harder beats compliment Adele’s gorgeous tones so much that I’m gonna start tweeting her daily for album number four to be a dance record. It would be HUGE.

AlunaGeorge – I’m in Control (featuring Popcaan)

Reggae vibes and Aluna Francis’ silky tones – what’s not to like? Even the Popcaan feature doesn’t grate as much as it could.

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If you listen to the lyrics (like, really listen), you’ll find great emotional depth in this song. If you just listen to the beats, well, you’ll love it anyway.

This deserves to be a hit. Unfortunately it probably won’t be. The drop is just addictive.

New album I Remember can’t come quick enough.

Elliphant – Everybody (featuring Azealia Banks)

I’ve said it once. I’ve said it a thousand times. Azealia Banks CAN sing. Girl got some lungs on her!

She and Elliphant together produce a jam that is feel-good. You’ll be singing along with the whoa-oh-oh-ohs straight away, and trying to emulate the juddering singing from both songstresses.

Azealia Banks – Along The Coast

Slay-Z has been critically acclaimed and ‘Along the Coast’ just gets better the more you listen to it. It may soon eclipse my standout track ‘Queen of Clubs’.

Here Banks uses a deep singing voice to sing about love on the beach. Fantasea II: The Second Wave is shaping up to be a tropical affair. I know she’s just released Slay-Z, but I’m desperate to hear this next mixtape.

Steve Aoki & Felix Jaehn – Can’t Go Home (featuring Adam Lambert)

You can’t go wrong with a bit of Adam Lambert. Well, unless it’s recent single ‘Welcome to the Show’, because that track is just dire.

But ‘Can’t Go Home’, seeing him team up with producers Steve Aoki and Felix Jaehn, is a step in the right direction! Much like his last album, the dance beats compliment Lambert’s impeccable vocal so much that it may be time to drop the glamrock all together. Just a suggestion?

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This should be huge!

Seeb – Breathe (featuring Neev)

You’ve probably all heard ‘Breathe’ by Seeb and never even realised it. Seeb remixed Mike Posner’s recent chart-topper ‘I Took a Pill in Ibiza’ so the stripped back house beats here will likely sound very familiar.

And the best thing about this track? There’s a hilarious Mr Bean meme doing the rounds on Facebook backed by this song!

Romes – Tryna Be

Synths are so old-school nowadays that it takes a truly good new artist to be able to pull them off, and Romes do it with aplomb on first track ‘Tryna Be’.

‘Who are you tryna be, girl?’ they ask over the chorus – well apparently Romes are trying to be the next big thing. And based on this one song alone, I think they have a decent chance of being big.

I’m not usually a fan of synths, but surprisingly I want to hear more from Romes, so they must be doing something right!

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