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Osvaldo Supino is BACK! The 30yr Old Italian pop-star has released yet another single worthy of your attention. Livin’ Again is a catchy dance-track with a powerful message cleverly interwoven with fist-pumping beats.

I’m calling your name,

but you already here

We a perfect match like

umbrellas and rain

What can I say,

but you are my babe

And when you do what you doing

I’m livin’ again

Livin’ Again

I shall be honest I am a BIG Osvaldo fan and I did stay up until midnight especially to download the track on iTunes and I was most definitely not disappointed. Osvaldo’s previous offering was the rather stark track ‘Goodbye” with which he released a music video telling the story of love found and lost. It is somewhat fitting that with his return from the silence he is proclaiming his renewed vigour and joie de vivre.

His cover-art for this single is somewhat striking with him sprawled on the hood of a red car (sorry car enthusiasts but that’s as good a description I can give of the car) which hints to his strong message of non-gender-stereotype conformity.

The lyrics, the beat and the sex appeal of the gorgeous man all contribute to an excellent piece of music which despite coming across as yet another “dance track” tells the story of a young man dusting himself off and announcing that he IS Livin Again.

Livin Again is available from iTunes and Amazon

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