The Grand Palace of Entertainment Returns to Bestival 2014

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One area of Bestival that seemed to embody the event’s flamboyant and eccentric nature in 2013 was the incredibly popular Grand Palace of Entertainment. From the outside it’s appearance is a 19th century styled fair ground attraction, yet behind this facade is a fluorescent club featuring some of the most prolific and celebrated drag performers from all over the world. We at Vada are incredibly pleased to announce that Rob Da Bank has issued it’s return.

The organiser had this to say: “I don’t know why but Bestival has always had a little undercurrent of high camp, flamboyance and downright gay attitude running through it, which we’ve thoroughly embraced and encouraged. The last couple of years at the Grand Palace have seen this venue really pick up the pace with so many amazingly hysterical and hilarious drag acts, cabaret superstars and disco divas arriving in their droves. I love seeing very worried looking young men going in the door in their jeans and t-shirts and falling out the back door hours later festooned in sequins and pink feather boas with massive grins on their faces. What a place!”

Amongst the performers will be force of nature Scottee’s Camp who will reside over the best cabaret show on the whole island and promises to feature Figs in Wigs, Josephine Shaker, the yet to be decided winner of Hamburger Queen 2014 and DJ Josh You Are (Sink The Pink). One of the most recognisable names in drag, Jodie Harsh will also be back at The Port this year delivering a taste of the award winning Room Service with a mixture of underground house, dancers and plenty of sequins.

This year in collaboration with Bestival, Jodie Harsh will host a collation of homo nightlife at Scala in London on the 19th of April and the line up will include  Severino, Hannah Holland and Jonathan Bestley, Sink The Pink’s Josh You Are and Daisy Confused, with Scottee’s Drag, featuring Johnny Woo, and Hot Breath Karaoke. Tickets are available here

Once again, Sink The Pink will be hosting two nights of debauchery on Friday and Saturday from 1 am – 4 am whilst fashionista duo Bourgeois & Maurice will be performing musical cabaret meets theatre and Gutter Slut will be present with their underground club night. Sounding pretty damn good so far right?

There’s even more, extreme sketch comedy from Guilt & Shame’s new show featuring crazy Christians, sex mad zombies and a disco-loving Grim Reaper. Massive In China will be hosting daytime shenanigans again this year, with a selection of  bizarre interactive games and daftest comedy and cabaret stars, be amazed by Spandy Andy’s dance moves complete with vibrant spandex outfits and a garish boombox and lend an ear to all-singing, all-dancing musical revue House of Bakewell’s House Party.

And for the Christians who just don’t agree with any of this there’s a place for you too, The Church! But as it’s Bestival, the vicar is not ordained, weddings are shotgun, the audience are regularly exorcised and baptisms take place in absinthe. You would almost forget there was any music on.

See what Sink The Pink got up to at last year’s festival below.

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