Poltz: Wish Upon a Star – Review

Matthew Hoy
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It might sound like something out of an American film script, but it’s true Louis Macklin, better known as Poltz, created this amazing track all from the comfort of his bedroom. Whilst most in the rap industry have songs dotted with homophobic imagery with gay being used as a common insult, this 20-year-old rapper from London is standing strong in his identity as a proud gay man.

‘Wish Upon a Star’ is an amazing piece of inspirational music which wouldn’t seem out of place on a mainstream radio station. The song is born out of personal struggles and the universal desire of youth to escape their hardships.

When asked, he said his dream is to become a role-model in the LGBTQ community and to motivate and inspire people through his music. So I dare you to give him a listen, even if rap isn’t your “thing.” His singing voice shows promise and combined with his obvious talent words, he is definitely someone you’ll want to keep an eye on.

You can follow him on:
Twitter: @Poltzofficial
Instagram: @Louis_Poltz

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