Double A-Side: Reviews of Psychemagik & Chris Brown

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In this special double review, we check out hot tracks from Psychemagik and Chris Brown.

Psychemagik – Mink & Shoes

Ever since the Smirnoff advert premiered in 2014 with a snapshot of Psychemagik’s latest track ‘Mink & Shoes’, we’ve been clamouring to hear the full version – so much so that we watched that advert on repeat for quite some time. I can’t decide what I wanted more now: to hear the track in full, or a nice cold vodka.

Well, the time is nigh. After premiering on Phil Taggart’s BBC Radio 1 Mixtape last week, the boys dropped the full studio version, and it’s everything we hoped for.

With a strumming hook that’ll drive you nuts (in a good way), slick vocals by Navid Izadi, and repetitive beats, ‘Mink & Shoes’ is stunning. Running for an impressive seven minutes 17 seconds, the full version sounds fresh and futuristic simultaneously. This is a pioneering sound quite unalike their previous offerings. Following in the footsteps of the trippy ‘Black Noir Schwartz‘, Psychemagik’s promotion of their upcoming debut album couldn’t be going smoother.

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Earlier this year the duo described the song as incorporating lyrics about a girl being more into her ‘Mink & Shoes’ than a guy, with a good-times-party-vibe-funky bass line. Apparently they wanted to create a song that was catchy as hell, and they’ve certainly managed it with ‘Mink & Shoes’. The hook alone is enough to induce a psychedelic relapse akin to their previous offerings, but this time round it sounds particularly unique. Psychemagik’s impeccable production has birthed a sound unheard before. You’ll have this one on repeat for weeks to come.

Chris Brown & Benny Benassi – Paradise 

Capitalising on the success of 2011’s ‘Beautiful People’, Chris Brown has once more teamed up with Benny Benassi to create new track ‘Paradise’.

Following the mantra that if it ain’t broken, don’t try and fix it, ‘Paradise’ combines euphoric trance-like beats produced by Benassi, and a screeching vocal courtesy of Brown, culminating in a song that is primed for the dance floor, and one which is sure to help see out the summer in style.

A repetitive chorus layered over sensitised beats means that this is a song that’ll stick in your head – for all the right reasons. ‘I’d do anything you want me to do when we’re in paradise’ Chris warbles over and over, that is sure to result in you feeling like you have indeed died and gone to paradise. This has ‘hit’ written all over it. It’s going to go big.

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