R Kelly’s youngest child comes out as trans

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One letter, isn’t it amazing how important one letter can be? How your whole life can change by making one small change? R Kelly’s youngest child has now come out as transgender.

Jay announced via instagram and other social networking sites that he has identified as male since the age of 6.  The 13 year-old is estranged from his famous father R Kelly, but has said both his mother and sister are supporting him. He has also made public that he intends to undergo hormone replacement therapy and surgery. There has currently been no comment from his father regarding the announcement.

I would like to take a moment to congratulate this young man who has shown a great deal of bravery to come out at his age. I cannot begin to imagine how scary it must feel to be born in a body you don’t fully identify with, much less find the courage to live as the person you feel inside.

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