Re-energised Rozalla: An ode to a 90s dance hero

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by Jonathan Dahl

As timeless classics of the old skool dance era go, there aren’t many iconic tracks that have stood the test of time. Okay, so you have N-TRANCE (‘Set You Free’) and your Robin S (‘Show Me Love’) – but one particular song of the early 90s earned one lady ‘The Queen of Rave’ title.

As soon as you hear the lyrics ‘Brother and sister together we’ll make it through,’ there’s a positive vibe that fills the dance floors some 26 years after it was first released. ‘Everybody’s Free (To Feel Good)’ by the mighty fine Rozalla was the tune we were all talking about in 1991.


Aside from the success of ‘Everybody’s Free’, a further two hit singles were released ‘Are You Ready to Fly?’ and ‘Faith (In the Power of Love’), and in 1992, Rozalla supported Michael Jackson on his hugely successful sell-out Dangerous World Tour.


Performing alongside the late Jacko is one of the biggest highlights of Rozalla’s career up to present. Not many have had the honour of working with such a legendary icon.

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Moving onto her second album, Rozalla released the singles ‘You’ll Never Love the Same Way Twice’, ‘This Time I Found Love’ and not forgetting ‘I Love Music’ which was the theme song for the movie Carlito’s Way.

Over the years, Rozalla has continued to record with various producers on tracks, and is also one of the most requested acts in the clubs and performs quite frequently at the Old Skool 90s arena tours.

In 2015 I worked with Rozalla (playing her hotel bellboy) in the music video for ‘If You Say It Again’. I can quite honestly say there is something about this Zambian beauty that makes the room light up as soon as she walks in. She is very quick-witted, funny and full of positive energy. Charlie Mason was the genius behind ‘If You Say It Again’ – it spent several weeks on the U.S. Dance Billboard Chart, peaking at number five. It was also remixed by multi-platinum selling record producers Love to Infinity. Shadows of the Moon was the next offering which once again was well received.

Fast forward to 2016 and currently recording her forthcoming album, Rozalla signed with Energise Records following on from the increasing positive hype surrounding her first ever duet with Scottish dance artist Allan Jay. The new single ‘Breaking My Heart’ has proven popular on the UK club circuit and peaked at number one in the Eurodance Club Chart.

‘Breaking My Heart’ is out now.

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