Remembering Amy Winehouse

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It is hard to imagine that it has already been 3 years to the day that Amy Winehouse, a controversial figure in contemporary music, passed away. Looking back it had felt to me like any other day until the news broke, it was a story many people might have expected to see, but it didn’t make the loss of a great musician any the less tragic.

Winehouse died aged 27, leaving behind a legacy of tabloid fodder that dogged her through her career which we all remember to this day. Her difficulties with drugs, her troubled relationship and divorce from her husband Blake Fielder-Civil, and even mental health issues were an almost constant source of headlines. But what so many people forgot in the face of all this controversy was the music, and the genius behind it.

To commemorate the late great Winehouse we decided simply to remember the music that Winehouse so lovingly wrote and recorded, and let that speak to future generations of a great talent who was lost long before her time.

Will you be remembering Amy Winehouse today? Do you have a favourite track of hers? Are you in disbelief that it has already been 3 years since she passed away? Sound off in the comments below and tell us what you think.

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