Semi Precious Weapons – Aviation – Review

Jack Rattenbury

Do you remember that band that supported Lady Gaga? The one that was a little strange, in an amazing androgynous way? Well, they’re called Semi Precious Weapons.

As well as Gaga, the New Yorkers have toured with Ke$ha and have seemed to pick up a cult fan-base. A lot of people liked them, a lot of people didn’t, but their music has taken a U-turn. They’ve gone from glam-rock to alternative pop, whilst keeping that glam-rock flare. The results are amazing. Their new album Aviation gives us a clear insight to the bands versatility when it comes to genre and their song-writing. The first single from the album entitled “Aviation High”, is one of my favourite single releases from this year, so far.

The other two singles to promote Aviation called “Drink” and “Look To The Stars” (which has a very good air-guitar ending, so thank you for that), could be comfortably played in night clubs. They’re embracing modern-pop whilst sticking to their rock roots by using amazing guitar dominated choruses mixed with synthetic pop beats for the verses. “Never Going Home” is a very trippy yet raw song, with powerful lyrics about the simplest things. This song is sung beautifully by lead singer Justin Tranter, who happens to have a beautiful face to match. It’s definitely my favourite from the album.

“Young Love” is the song ‘most influenced by pop music’ song on the album with catchy verses and a catchier chorus.”That’s My Friend” is synth heaven, with amazing electronic rock beats. Someone should make an amazing remix to this song because I don’t know how to and I’d really appreciate one. Immediately after “That’s My Friend”, the band introduce us to the first slowed down song called “Healed”, which again shows off Justin’s amazing vocal ability with gorgeous lyrics.

“Cherries On Ice” is a fan favourite, with obsessive beats and reminiscent ‘Semi Precious Weapons’ punk tones. The original song features up and coming rapper Dominique Young Unique, who is absent from the album version. Both are very good. “Free Booze” and “Vegas” both make me want to go out and get really, really drunk, so I recommend putting these songs on before you go out this Friday. The album concludes with the fun and freeing song, “Hands Up”, which is a really good conclusion to a really good album.

Semi Precious Weapons have created an unexpected pop-gem, and that may annoy fans of their previous albums, but it will give the band a lot more new fans. Their third studio album Aviation is available on US iTunes now and will be available later in the year for the UK.

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