Seth Lakeman at Leeds Town Hall – Review

On Tuesday 15 December at Leeds Town Hall, I got to see Seth Lakeman – and he did not dissapoint.

Having listened to his music over the years I was drawn to his fast-paced violin-playing, his medieval-sounding music and his vocals. He is a folk musician – something I usually have little interest in – but he just had me hooked from the first song I heard of his: the brilliant ‘Lady of the Sea’, a song that was played on the night.

Live, his playing is hypnotic, his music so pure you can pick out the strings he and his band stroke with their bows, pluck with their fingers or strum with their hands. The almost military movements and beats are accompanied by a voice which draws you in.

‘Portait of My Wife’, a song dedicated to his wife, was incredible: just him, his violin and some audience participation. No frills but moving nonetheless.

You can’t ignore the fact that he is also incredibly good looking.

I urge you, if you ever get the chance, go see him. Even if you’re not a fan of folk music. He may surprise and convert you.

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