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After recently teaming up with Basement Jaxx for their brilliant ‘Rock this Road’, Shakka releases his official debut single in the form of ‘When Will I See You Again’. It’s a rousing, layered track brimming with jaunty beats, luscious vocals which warp into warbling rambles midway, and reggae infusions. All of that sounds like a jumbled mess, but trust us, it really isn’t.

‘When Will I See You Again’ is emotional, but the upbeat tune means that the emotional tones become positive. You won’t feel depressed after listening to this; in fact, given the right mood, it could empower you to start boogieing.

Much like ‘Rock This Road’, Shakka shows his penchant for screeching, which brings another note of emotional depth to ‘When Will I See You Again’. Its lyrical content is likewise emotional, but can equally be taken positively. Detailing the desire to see someone once more, Shakka cries ‘when will I see you, see you, see you again?/I just want to hold your hand, yeah.’

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Clearly Shakka is in love – after all, his ‘heart’s on Mars’, but after listening to this song you’ll fall in love with his sound. Give it a listen below.

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