Singles You Missed This Week 18/07/2015

Reggie Myers

There was no Singles You Missed This Week last week, so you know I had to make sure to give you some good music to listen to this week. This week saw the release of quite a few new singles and a couple of albums. Since this is the summer time and this is the season when everyone likes to party, I figured this might a good week to highlight some good electronic and pop songs. So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

CHVRCHES – Leave A Trace

Electro-pop act CHVRCHES released ‘Leave A Trace’, the follow up single to ‘Get Away’. In step with the title of the album titled Every Open Eye, this song is about leaving a damaging relationship regardless of the drama it might cause.

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Lauren Mayberry sings biting vocals over a mid-tempo and cheerful beat, declaring her freedom while taking some last pot shots at her ex.

Relatable, catchy and hopeful, this song is perfect for a summer drive or a breakup recovery playlist. Take a listen to it and let me know if you agree.

Calvin Harris ft. Disciples – How Deep Is Your Love

Staying the electronic music lane, we have a new song from DJ Calvin Harris featuring Disciples.  The song gives off a vibe with the sound and song structure that will remind house fans of hits from the 90s. Disciples’ vocals complement Harris’ production like a hand and glove as she pleads for an answer to the question ‘how deep is your love?’.

Harris has been creating exquisite club bangers for the past few years and this song is no exception, so do yourself a favor and be ready to dance before you press play.

Icona Pop – First Time

Rounding out this edition is Icona Pop with the second release from their Emergency EP titled ‘First Time’. This song finds the duo reflecting on the first time they experienced things such as getting high, getting drunk, and falling in love, and wishing to go back there.

This song is not my personal favorite, but you might like it. Check out the song for yourself below.

Alright, so that’s it for this week’s Singles You Missed. In the meantime, feel free to leave me a comment and tell me which new artists and songs you’ve been listening to.

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